Weekly Recap Sep 21th

Key points:

  • REI Network announced the partnership with WEB3 Media for cross-community expansion
  • REI Network has formed a partnership with MELODY- a Web3 lifestyle application system

A. Product Development Progress


  • Node blocking delay detection @100%

  • Node blocking delay optimization @testing

  • Introduce RocksDB to improve performance @in progress

  • EVM virtual machine transaction execution performance optimization @in progress

  • Node Little Black Room Mechanism @in progress


  • My Accounts support to view the collected NFT @100%

  • Added value of Voting and Gas Stake part of REI to Balance stats @100%

  • Added Grants module to publicize the usage of DEV Grants


  • Exchanges processed: 725 transactions
  • Total: 68,310,014.88641 (91.08% of circulation)

B. Operational Progress

  • REI Network is happy to announce the partnership with WEB3 Media. WEB3 Media — Covering the News and Announcements of the web3 & Partner Projects for cross-community expansion. The cooperation will bring the most value to both projects and especially to the community!
  • Excited to announce our new partner MELODY — a Web3 lifestyle application system that fully combines GameFi and SocialFi. REI Network and MELODY would be focusing on community growth and any other possibility. Let’s build together our Web3 community!

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REI Network is an EVM-compatible public blockchain. As an Ethereum para chain, it owns the features of lightweight, free and dev-friendly. REI Network is to effectively solve the current high-cost and low-efficiency problems of public chains. Therefore, GXChain can achieve free, low-cost development, and rapid migration of applications, and can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.