Upcoming AMA with Nasdex, BetLoki, Midle, CelestLoan, and Sailwars Game Join Ecosystem

Weekly Report Jan 16-Jan 23

Key points:

  • Upcoming X Space with the co-founder of Nasdex
  • Complete the QuestN tasks and share 100 USDT
  • Stake NVT-REI LP to earn up to 117% APR on NerveSwap
  • Nasdex and REI Network are teaming up for a giveaway
  • BetLoki, Midle, CelestLoan, and Sailwars Game join forces with REI Network

A. Product Development Progress


-Optimize and solve testnet-scan high load alarm problem @30%

-Optimize the REI Network Scan table structure @20%

-Testing and optimizing new functions on REI Scan @100%

-Research on the performance and efficiency of the combination between parallel EVM blockchain and REI Network @100%

B. Operational Progress

C. Ecosystem

  • We’re excited to partner with BetLoki, the leading Web3 BetFi Platform. REI Network’s efficient blockchain aligns with BetLoki’s goal of providing an efficient platform to their users, this partnership is a game-changer for the blockchain ecosystem! Details: https://twitter.com/BetLoki_/status/1747211869247422903.
  • We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Midle, a user growth & community-building tool! Together with Midle, we aim to revolutionize the blockchain space by enhancing user experience and boosting engagement. Stay tuned for more updates! Details: https://twitter.com/midle_official/status/1747557449257689447.
  • We’re thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with CelestLoan — a cutting-edge DeFi protocol that leverages Celestia’s scalability and interoperability to offer users a seamless staking and lending experience. We are honored to work with such a visionary Web 3 project! Details: https://twitter.com/CelestLoan/status/1749268292781633691.
  • Excited to team up with Sailwars Game, an NFT game that merges SLG strategy warfare, simulation management, and plundering in a medieval naval setting. Sail the seas, forge alliances, and engage in PvP battles to conquer treasures together! Sail into the blockchain gaming revolution with SailWars and REI Network. Adventure awaits on the high seas! Details: https://twitter.com/Openpad_io/status/1733761499188056395.