REI Network &Taskon Christmas Giveaway, OpenPad, and Gari Network Joined Forces

Weekly Report Dec 5-Dec 12

  • Key points: 关键点:
  • REI Network Educate: Decoding Mutisig Wallets: Applications in REI DAO
    REI Network Educate:解码 Mutisig 钱包:REI DAO 中的应用
  • OpenPad and Gari Network join forces with REI Network
    OpenPad 和 Gari Network 与 REI Network 联手
  • REI Network joins hands with Taskon for tasks celebration with 60,000 USDT prize pool
    REI Network携手Taskon举办任务庆典 奖金池60,000 USDT

A. Product Development Progress



-Research on the combination of zk prover and REI Network to achieve zkrollup @100%
-研究zk Prover和REI Network结合实现zkrollup @100%

-Research on combining optimistic rollup and REI Network to implement a decentralized sorter @100%
-结合Optimistic Rollup和REI Network实现去中心化排序器@100%的研究


-Update the subgraph related to the validator data index @100%

-Iteration and optimization of REI-Scan, REI-DAO API and UI @100%
-REI-Scan、REI-DAO API和UI的迭代和优化@100%

B. Operational Progress B. 运营进展

  • Christmas is coming, it is time for a BIG PARTY! REI Network is joining hands with Taskon for taskmas celebration. Share in the 60,000 USDT prize pool! What are you waiting for? Join us now for the Fantastic ChristmasCarnival and celebrate with us! Explore: Click To Earn Now.
    圣诞节即将来临,是时候举办一场盛大的派对了! REI Network 与 Taskon 携手庆祝任务。瓜分60,000 USDT奖池!你在等什么?现在就加入我们,参加梦幻般的圣诞嘉年华,与我们一起庆祝吧!探索:。
  • REI Network Educate: Decoding Mutisig Wallets: Applications in REI DAO. Recently, REI DAO upgraded its multi-sig wallet, successfully deploying it on the REI Network mainnet. What are the use cases, and how does it achieve a secure and scalable multi-sig wallet solution? Let’s dive into it:
    REI Network Educate:解码 Mutisig 钱包:REI DAO 中的应用。近日,REI DAO 升级了多重签名钱包,成功部署在 REI Network 主网上。有哪些用例,以及如何实现安全且可扩展的多重签名钱包解决方案?让我们深入研究一下:。

C. Ecosystem C、生态系统

  • Welcome Gari Network, a web3-powered social community to our ecosystem! GARI now leverages REI Network’s high-performance framework for redefining engagement, real-time conversations, and content discovery, making waves in the decentralized world! GARI Network is a crypto-powered creator economy on Chingari. It’s the leading web3 social network with over 200M+ app downloads, 5M+ DAU, 40M+ MAU, and 3M+ on-chain wallets. Details:
    欢迎 Gari Network,一个由 web3 驱动的社交社区加入我们的生态系统! GARI 现在利用 REI Network 的高性能框架重新定义参与度、实时对话和内容发现,在去中心化世界中掀起波澜! GARI Network 是 Chingari 上的一个由加密货币驱动的创造者经济体。它是领先的 web3 社交网络,拥有超过 2 亿+ 的应用程序下载、500 万+ 日活跃用户、4000 万+ 月活跃用户和 300 万+ 链上钱包。详细信息:。
  • We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between OpenPad and REI Network, setting the stage for a new era in blockchain innovation! OpenPad is committed to revolutionizing Web3 fundraising, building on new emerging blockchain platforms. The fusion of OpenPad and Rei Network marks the beginning of a pioneering journey. Details:
    我们很高兴宣布 OpenPad 和 REI Network 之间建立突破性的合作伙伴关系,为区块链创新的新时代奠定基础! OpenPad 致力于在新兴的区块链平台上彻底改变 Web3 筹款方式。 OpenPad 和 Rei Network 的融合标志着开拓之旅的开始。详细信息:。