REI DAO is Listed on The Pass, Starksport, FAMSWAP, and BlockLit Joined Forces

Progress Report Oct 24-Oct 31

Key points:

  • The REI DAO is now listed on The Pass
  • Starksport, FAMSWAP, and BlockLit joined forces with REI Network
  • Create REI Mascot-themed Halloween memes with a crypto twist for a chance to win big

A. Product Development Progress


-Explores the possibility of multi-layer combination between REI Network and layer2 @20%


-REI DAO Committee function development @20%

-REI DAO adds multi-sig wallet application scenario @20%

-REI DAO SAFE function development: validator operators can manage nodes through multi-sig wallets to increase security @100%

B. Operational Progress

  • The REI DAO is now listed on The Pass, a leading aggregator showcasing over 39,990 DAOs across various blockchains. Check out The Pass to see information about all sorts of DAOs throughout all of web!
  • Get your creative caps on! Create REI Mascot-themed Halloween memes with a crypto twist for a chance to win big! Rewards: 1st Prize: $50 REI, 2nd Prize: $30 REI, 3rd Prize: $20 REI. Contest Deadline: 31 October 23:59 UTC. To enter, Like & RT & tag 3, share your meme in the comments below and use the tag #REI #Halloween #meme #RELLoweenMemes. Best of luck to all participants. Details:

C. Ecosystem

  • Welcome Starksport, the full-stack DeFi platform to our ecosystem! Starksport, the all-in-one DeFi hub, will now leverage REI Network’s speed and scalability for even smoother NFT auctions and trading. The future of blockchain just got brighter!
  • Excited to announce the groundbreaking partnership between REI Network & BlockLit! By integrating REI Network’s seamless blockchain framework with BlockLit’s 100% Lithium-backed tech, we’re enhancing accessibility to DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs while revolutionizing direct lithium investments. Details:
  • REI Network and FAMSWAP are joining forces to revolutionize the DeFi space! REI NetworkI’s EVM-compatible blockchain will empower FAMSWAP’s users with a developer-friendly platform for their exchange. Get ready for a seamless fusion of art and blockchain technology! Details: