Mises Browser Includes REI Network Ecosystem, Partnership with Unimeta and YeehaGames

Progress Report Jan 3-Jan 10

Key points:

  • Mises Browser includes REI Network ecosystem and recommends it in key areas
  • Strategic partnership with Unimeta and YeehaGames

A. Product Development Progress


  • EVM C++ Binding version supports snapshot synchronization @testing

  • System contract call performance optimization @in progress

  • Research on the introduction of BLS mechanism @in progress


  • Added MyAccount module to support management of Watch list, Address Tag, Custom ABI, Transaction Tag and Public Tag


  • Jail module optimization, Evidence bullet box was added

B. Operational Progress

  • REI Network and Mises Browser have built a formal partnership, The two parties will jointly promote the construction of the Web3 infrastructure in terms of technology, brand and application to create a better Web3 experience and services for users. Mises Browser includes REI Network ecosystem and recommends it in key areas, allowing users to access REI Network ecosystem more quickly on mobile.
  • Winners of the OpenGate x REI Network Giveaway has been announced: @tom54355, @vaniLLasky181, @RyukXgod_, @Tompowey, @crypt_ayo33. Congratulations! Please open the ticket on OpenGate Discord: OpenGate.

C. Ecosystem

  • Delighted to announce REI Network’s new partnership with Unimeta! Unimeta is a Web3 promotion connector, a bridge linking the project party and Kol. Let’s buidL together! Read more: https://unimeta.com/#/demandDetail?id=1610449066764341251.
  • We are so excited to announce REI Network’s partnership with YeehaGames. Yeeha Games is a leading Web3 game platform and community. We look forward to advancing the future of Web3 gaming together!