Live AMA with UQUID, Stake $NVT — $REI LP and Earn $REI on SwapBox L2 Farm

Weekly Report Jan 2-Jan 8

Key points:

  • Stake $NVT — $REI LP, and start earning $REI on SwapBox L2 Farm
  • ArchLoot and LandRocker join forces with REI Network
  • Live AMA with UQUID about how our collaboration brings innovation and new opportunities

A. Product Development Progress


-Disk expansion of Testnet Scan and Mainnet Scan @100%

-REI Scan integrates Blockscout updates and performs testing optimization @50%

-Optimistic rollup and REI Network are combined to implement a decentralized sorter @100%


-Provide technical support for community validators that often miss blocks, and popularize relevant REI Network validator construction plans @100%

B. Operational Progress

C. Ecosystem

  • We’re thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with ArchLoot! REI Network’s EVM-compatible framework meets ArchLoot’s innovative UGC NFT game, creating a synergy for an enhanced gaming experience. Details:
  • We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with LandRocker. LandRocker aims to balance P2E & P2W for a sustainable economy, solving inflation and trust issues with blockchain, and ensuring consistent earnings for all. To celebrate, we give away NFTs worth $500 in total! Details: