Listed on Exolix, Partner with Klein Labs, Admeal, and LasMeta

Progress Report Sep 26-Oct 3

Key points:

  • REI has been listed on Exolix, an instant cryptocurrency exchange
  • REI Scan synchronized validator information (tagged)
  • Klein Labs, Admeal, and LasMeta joined forces with REI Network

A. Product Development Progress


-extraData has been upgraded and review related code @100%

-REI Scan synchronized validator information (tagged) @100%


-Upgrade mainnet machine validator program @100%

-Upgrade DAO configuration service @100%

-Provide technical upgrade services for community validators @100%

-Resynchronize testnet rpc validators and fix eth_getLog reading error problem @100%

B. Operational Progress

  • We are happy to share that $REI has been listed on Exolix! Exolix has been an instant cryptocurrency exchange service since 2018, on which users can swap cryptocurrency with floating and fixed rates without registration. Exchange $REI in a simple and secure way:

C. Ecosystem