Introducing the REI DAO Council

REI Network Off-Chain Governance Handbook (Updated)

1. Basic structure of the REI DAO Council

1.1. The REI DAO Council is composed of 21 members. The first session of members will be invited from nodes, community members, pioneers, projects, etc. who have contributed to REI Network before, and the Council will decide the next session of the members.

2. Regulations related to the governance of the Council

2.1. The online regular meeting of the Council will be held when there are relevant proposals. Three days before the meeting, the Executive Council needs to announce the relevant proposals in the proposal section of the forum. If there are multiple proposals at the same time, the order of proposal discussion must be arranged.

2.2. Meeting of Emergency proposals can be temporarily initiated at the request of the Executive Council, and they also need to be announced three days in advance.

2.3. Regular meetings and temporary meetings must be attended by at least 2/3 of the members, otherwise they cannot be started.

2.4. Since the Council members are from many places around the world, “English” should be used as the working language during work and discussion.

3. Proposal submission & review process and rules

3.1. By observing the discussion of recent topics of community users, the council members select relevant topics and write them as text-based proposals, and submit the proposal text and relevant community opinion certificates to the Council.

3.2. The text of the proposal should contain at least three parts: the background of the proposal, the specific goals, and the necessary decisions. The rest is unlimited.

3.3. Relevant community opinions are used to prove that the proposal has a certain degree of attention in the REI Network community, that is, it must be seconded by more than 15 real $REI holders, in the form of but not limited to: relevant interactions in the forum (likes, positive comments), explicit support comments in the community, etc. And there was no very strong community opposition.

3.4. Under non-special circumstances, within 24 hours of receipt of the proposal, the Council will decide whether or not to leave the proposal through preliminary voting. All members of the council need to choose whether to approve the proposal. Including the proposer of the proposal, if 1/3 or more of the total number of members approve the proposal, the proposal will be formally entered the discussion process of the Council. If it is not seconded by enough members, the proposal will be canceled.

4. Proposal discussion process and rules

4.1. The discussion process is hosted and recorded by the members of the Council. There are three parts, namely proposal presentation, review, and voting

4.2. In the presentation stage, under the guidance of the host, the relevant council members need to explain the background of the proposal (the reason for proposing the proposal), the goal of the proposal (the possible results after the implementation of the proposal), and the decision-making of the proposal (the specific implementation means of the proposal). ).

4.3. In the review stage, the host needs to determine the list of questioners, and the questions will be put forward in order, and the proposal presenter shall answer.

4.4. In the voting stage, all present members need to choose whether to second the proposal. Including the proposers of the proposal, if 1/3 or more of the total number of deputies seconded the proposal, the proposal will be handed over to REI DAO, and the community public voting will officially begin. After the vote is passed, it will be handed over to the Foundation for implementation. If the vote is not passed, the proposal will be canceled.

If it is not seconded by enough members, the proposal will be sent back to the proposal pool, and the council vote for a decision afterward. The proposal will either be rejected outright, or part of the information will be revised for discussion at the next regular meeting. If the same proposal is not passed twice, the proposal will be canceled directly.