Hard Fork Rescheduled, Gameta and PayCoin Capital Joined Ecosystem

Key points:

  • Live AMA session with StealthEX
  • REI DAO Hard Fork is rescheduled to 15774234 block height
  • Gameta and PayCoin Capital joined forces with REI Network

A. Product Development Progress


-Fix the problem that the rei gnosis mainnet cannot be created and cannot be imported @100%

-Investigate the compatibility and composability of zero-knowledge proofs of mainstream layer2 solutions @50%


-Migrate entrusted validators @100%

-Modify DAO’s subgraph @100%

-Renews the ticket of validators and synchronizes the new validators @100%

-Assist the upgrade of validator operators @100%

-Optimize the API/Miner interface, add a layer of cache between the front-end and the server, and improve the loading speed of validator list @100%

B. Operational Progress

C. Ecosystem

  • Welcome Gameta to our ecosystem! As a multi-layered NFT gaming platform, Gameta and REI Network will shape the future of GameFi and NFTs with high-performance and developer-friendly tools. Get ready for an epic fusion of entertainment, innovation, and limitless possibilities! Details: https://twitter.com/GXChainGlobal/status/1701172075535520051.
  • We are happy to announce that PayCoin Capital — a leading Web3 marketing and fundraising firm that is revolutionizing the way early-stage startups grow their communities and onboard into the Web3 market. Let’s revolutionize Web3 and crypto Marketing and Fundraising! Details: https://twitter.com/PayCoinCapital/status/1701977255541428587.

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REI Network is an EVM-compatible public blockchain. As an Ethereum para chain, it owns the features of lightweight, free, and dev-friendly. REI Network is to effectively solve the current high-cost and low-efficiency problems of public chains. Therefore, REI Network can achieve free, low-cost development, and rapid migration of applications, and can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.