Gelios, GPTPlus, and LazyBear Join Ecosystem, Stake NVT-REI LP to Earn APR

Weekly Report April 23-April 30

Key points:

  • Gelios, GPTPlus, and LazyBear join forces with REI Network
  • Stake NVT-REI LP to earn up to 117% APR on NerveSwap

A. Product Development Progress


-rei-testnet-graphnode expands the system disk @50%

-rei scan optimizes data synchronization parameters and reduces CPU pressure @80%

-rei-testnet-graphnode and rei-testnet-scan-new server expansion disk capacity @100%


-Added Block Rewards For Validator module to rei-dao-safe dashboard @100%

B. Operational Progress

C. Ecosystem

  • Excited to partner with Gelios, a pioneering Community-Owned dApp Layer on Bitcoin Network. In. REI Network’s lightweight framework is expanding the Gelios network reach! Stay tuned on more marketing strategies. Details:
  • We’re thrilled to announce the dynamic collaboration between REI Network and GPTPlus! REI Network’s cutting-edge EVM-compatible blockchain meets GPT Plus’s visionary intelligence, creating a powerhouse for seamless DeFi, GameFi, and NFT solutions. Together, we’re revolutionizing the blockchain landscape! Details:
  • Welcome our new partner — LazyBear now joins forces with REI Network! REI’s EVM-compatible blockchain meets LazyBear’s industry-leading low fees and perpetual crypto exchange community. Together, we’re shaping the future of DeFi with simplicity, innovation, and zero fees! Details: