Detailed Illustration: Changes in the Slash Mechanism, Touch.Fa, club3, and Vortex Joined Forces

Weekly Report Nov 6-Nov 14

Key points:

  • Detailed illustration: Changes in the slash mechanism before and after REI DAO upgrade
  • Touch.Fa, club3, and Vortex joined forces with REI Network

A. Product Development Progress


-Optimized REI Network official website mobile terminal adaptation @80%

-Optimized and improved the performance configuration of Testnet Scan and Mainnet -Scan to solve the problem of browser programs occupying the CPU @50%


-REI DAO released governance committee election-related functions @100%

-REI DAO councilor function development @80%

-REI DAO added multi-sig wallet application scenarios @100%

-REI DAO Voting module: optimize the approve logic of validators Unstake @30%

B. Operational Progress

  • We have revamped our slash mechanism to tackle validator misconduct effectively. Initially, validators could face penalties for ambiguous proofs or blocks. Now, with the latest REI DAO upgrade, penalties are tailored: Severe Harm: Validators causing significant harm, like blockchain forks due to double signing, may face up to 100% slashing based on actual damage. For non-harmful incidents or validators contributing positively to network, penalties are decided by $REI holders via REI DAO proposal vote. This adjustable approach aligns with community intent and deters bad actors. Adjusting slash targets and amounts aligns with community consensus and raises the cost for malicious actions, minimizing losses for innocent validators. Ensuring a stable REI Network. Details:

C. Ecosystem

  • We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with club3, club3 is a web3 community-building platform that provides one-stop solutions for brands and projects to build, operate and develop communities. Let’s together commence a brand-new cosmic adventure. Details:
  • Excited to announce our partnership with Vortex, a multi-chain liquidity aggregator exchange based on the ZK-SNARKs protocol Bringing REI Network’s lightning-fast, zero-fee transactions to Vortex to enable fully decentralized contract orderbook and peer-to-pool trading. Details:
  • We are thrilled to officially announce REI Network’s partnership with Touch.Fan, a Web3 social platform aimed at monetizing social networks. Together, we aim to co-create a thriving Web3 community. Details:

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