Cubic, FlappyBee, and BullLauncher Joined Ecosystem, REI Network &Taskon ChristmasGiveaway Ongoing

Weekly Report Dec 12-Dec 19

Key points:

  • Cubic, FlappyBee and BullLauncher join forces with REI Network
  • Join the ongoing REI Network & Taskon Christmas Carnival

A. Product Development Progress


-Add snapshot related fields @100%

-Improve REI Network RPC access performance @20%

-Implementing the cryptographic algorithm for batch-proofing MPT trees @100%


-Optimize the validator maintenance plan @30%

-Modified database class of REI DAO Gov module @50%

-The development of the new UI has been completed, and it is being tested and modified @50%

B. Operational Progress

  • Christmas is coming, time for a BIG PARTY! REI Network is joining hands with Taskon for taskmas celebration. Share in 60,000 USDT prize pool! What are you waiting for? Join us now for the Fantastic Christmas carnival and celebrate with us! Explore: Click To Earn Now.

C. Ecosystem

  • Welcome Cubic, a community-driven gaming platform to our ecosystem! Cubic now leverages REI Network’s high-performance framework to facilitate a seamless crosschain ecosystem for the fast-growing Gaming world! Details:
  • We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between FlappyBee and REI Network, setting the stage for a new era in blockchain innovation! FlappyBee is a Play2Earn Game on the BNB Smart Chain, that imitates the minigame “Flappy Bird”. The fusion of FlappyBee and REI Network marks the beginning of a pioneering journey. Details:
  • Welcome BullLauncher, a pioneering launchpad empowering new projects in the crypto space to our ecosystem! Stay tuned for collaborative efforts aiming to revolutionize decentralized infrastructure! Details: