Committee of Governance Applications Now Open! An Opportunity to Transform REI Network

A brief introduction to the governance committee

The Governance Committee is an off-chain governance organization sponsored by the REI Network Foundation and initiated by the REI Network core team, with a significant response from community members.

Due to its community nature, the organization is entirely neutral, and any REI Network community member can propose constructive ideas in a direct or indirect manner. The proposals that are ultimately voted on and approved by the Governance Committee will entitle the proposer to a certain amount of $REI incentives.

Governance process

The governance process consists of the following unique steps:

(1) Proposal Submission: Any proposal must be written in a specific format and submitted to a designated email address. Only Governance Committee members can submit proposals directly, while other community members need to delegate a councilor to submit on their behalf.

(2) Governance Committee Review: Once a standard format proposal is submitted to the designated email, it will be reviewed by the Governance Committee, consisting of 21 members. The proposer of a community proposal needs to provide specific explanations within five minutes and respond to questions from other delegates. Finally, through an internal voting process, a proposal that garners support from no less than 9 delegates will pass and be submitted to the Foundation.

(3) Team Review: All approved proposals will be submitted to the Foundation for the final judgment. Proposals involving on-chain parameter changes will generate REI Network Improvement Proposals (RIP), initiated through an internal vote by the core development team. Proposals not involving on-chain parameter changes will be categorized as off-chain activity proposals, initiated by the core operating team.

Proposals that do not receive Foundation approval will be rejected, while those that are approved will undergo a public community vote on Snapshot, with the final decision on whether the proposal passes being left to the community.

(4) Execution: If the community vote on a proposal does not pass, it will be sent back for further consideration. If it passes, it will be executed by the relevant official teams.

Why join the Governance Committee

Participating in community governance is the responsibility and duty of every REI holder. Joining this organization allows direct participation in the governance of various affairs on the REI Network, along with the opportunity to earn substantial financial incentives and a valuable community reputation, including:

Responsibilities of Governance Committee Members:

(1) Proposing mature and valuable REI Network governance proposals.

(2) Gathering existing community opinions, consolidating voices, and integrating them into reasonable and standardized proposals.

(3) Organizing proposal discussions, including but not limited to organizing AMA sessions, offline discussions, and other forms of communication.

Committee Members Can Receive:

(1) For each successful proposal, the proposer will receive a reward of 200 REI.

(2) Irregular giveaways of various REI Network merchandise.

(3) First-hand information on the development trends of the REI Network ecosystem.

(4) Priority in joining the next term of the Governance Committee.

How to Join the Governance Committee?

Since this relates to the future development of the REI Network, the selection criteria for delegates may be somewhat higher, and preliminary selection will be conducted. You can sign up by clicking the link below:

These questions do not have any specific orientation; they are used to select community members with similar values. Additionally, we will randomly select five lucky users from those participating in this sign-up, each of whom will receive a reward of 100 REI. The deadline is November 9th. We encourage all community members who have higher expectations for the REI Network to actively sign up. We look forward to working together to make the REI Network better!