Bmoon, TG20 and The FishVerse Join Ecosystem, Stake NVT-REI LP to Earn APR

Weekly Report April 16-April 23

Key points:

  • Stake NVT-REI LP to earn up to 117% APR on NerveSwap
  • Bmoon, TG20 and The FishVerse join forces with REI Network

A. Product Development Progress


-rei-testnet-graphnode and rei-testnet-scan-new server expanded disk capacity @50%

-rei scan optimizes data synchronization parameters and reduces CPU pressure @30%


-rei-testnet-graphnode expands the system disk by @20%

-Added Block Rewards For Validator module to rei-dao-safe dashboard @80%

B. Operational Progress

C. Ecosystem

  • Welcome our new media partner — Bmoon, through this partnership, we will actively support REI’s activities and develop the community together. The partnership is all about bringing unmatched benefits and experiences to our dedicated Web3 community. Details:
  • REI Network and TG20 are joining forces to revolutionize the blockchain landscape! REI Network brings its developer-friendly framework and zero-fee transactions, while TG20 leverages its multi-chain WEB3 platform on Telegram. Together, we’ll pave the way for seamless multi-chain WEB3 assets management experiences! Details:
  • Excited to announce we’re now teamed up with The FishVerse, The first W2E Fishing game based on blockchain. As a lightweight blockchain, REI Network provides the perfect infrastructure for FishVerse’s W2E Fishing game. Get ready for seamless gameplay, zero fees, and endless possibilities in the world of GameFi and NFTs! Details:

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REI Network is an EVM-compatible public blockchain. As an Ethereum para chain, it owns features that are lightweight, free, and dev-friendly. REI Network is to effectively solve the current high-cost and low-efficiency problems of public chains. Therefore, REI Network can achieve free, low-cost development, and rapid migration of applications, and can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.