About Governance

This section is a discussion around governance systems, how communities should think about governance responsibilities, optimizing and improving governance processes - basically everything related to governance is discussed here.

Forum rules.

REI forum is committed to becoming a REI Network vertical community of sharing, discovery and creation as the core value. In order to create and maintain a good community atmosphere, REI forum administrators will do some management and intervention on forum posting, you are welcome to send questions and suggestions for the project, but if it touches the bottom line, we will take the forum punishment mechanism, deducting points, banning or even blocked. The following are the forum rules.

1.Not against the fundamental interests of REI Network, all forum postings, should uphold the purpose of actively promoting the development of REI Network, if the content of the post is malicious slander, abuse, vilification of the project, will be deleted.

2.REI Network forum postings need to comply with local laws and follow the public order and morals of the place of use, otherwise, depending on the severity of the situation, allowed to block the number.

3.Posting should be meaningful, pure expressions or other meaningless water posts; advertising posts without official authorization and business support; leaving QQ number, micro signal and other instant messaging account information.

4.Other related matters will be resolved by the community through REI DAO.